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you don’t understand i would sell my firstborn to know how this story started

Well it all started when Mrs. Hayfer wanted me to babysit her dumb house. When I got the keys, I sat them on top of this pie that I found on the counter. I knew it was going to be given to the family for desert if I didn’t eat it soon, so I was going to plan to eat it in my teacher’s house and dump all the crumbs on her bed. So it’s a win-win, right? Besides, she wouldn’t find out about the crumbs until after I was paid, and this teacher hates me anyway. Then, I got distracted when this hot cheerleader calls me, asking about what movie I’d recommend, but before I could answer, I realize that my mom would be there any second to serve dinner, and there was no way I was sharing that pie. So I bust out of there with the pie and the keys, and the moment I get in the house, I start chowing down on the pie with my bare hands, trying to eat this thing before anyone knows I took it, right? Well, since the pie crust was dry, I chugged a 2-liter bottle of soda whenever my throat would get dry and eventually, I really needed “to go.” Only when I went to flush, the water wouldn’t stop flowing and there was no plunger to be found. Usually I’d just shrug and say it was Josh’s fault or something, but let’s get real here, Mrs. Hayfer would’ve blamed me about her toilet overflowing if I was 30 states away. So I jammed my foot in there, hoping it’d make the toilet stop flushing. Then my phone rings, and I knew it was my mom, asking where her pie went, and because Meghan decided it’d be a great idea to make my ring tone a bunch of cats meowing, Mrs. Hayfer’s dog, Tiberius starts freaking out, bashing into the door over and over again. Now anyone who knows this dog knows that this dog will happily eat anything, and that includes the pie, and probably myself.  So my foot’s totally stuck in there right, I’m freaking out, the dog’s having a seizure and I still got half a pie left. 



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I’m sick of people saying Snape was the worst friendzone ever. They weren’t friends anymore. He was hanging around death eaters and was dabbling in dark arts. The friendship wasn’t healthy anymore. 

That doesn’t make it unhealthy… He was being tortured by her boyfriend and his friends and he couldn’t take it anymore so he found people who liked him the way he was. She dumped him as a friend, not the other way around. He called her mudblood, but it was pretty obvious he attempted to apologize and make up for it. SHE DATED A BULLY OVER A GUY WHO JUST WANTED A FRIEND.

First off, “her boyfriend” is inaccurate: when Lily ended her friendship with Snape, she wasn’t dating James. The friendship ended towards the end of their fifth year (“Snape’s Worst Memory” depicts OWLs), while Lily and James didn’t begin dating until their seventh year (canonically, after James had “deflated his head” and begun maturing.)* Lily wasn’t friends with the Marauders at this point. And, as for “he found people who liked him the way he was” - he was already friends with Lily. And…if the “way he was” includes an interest in the Dark Arts and hexing people, then perhaps Snape needed to actually revise who he was instead of finding people who encouraged that? Lily tries to talk to him about this, but he clearly doesn’t listen (see the moment where he turns off as soon as she agrees about disparaging James.) 

Secondly, by their fifth year, the Snape/Lily friendship was toxic and unhealthy. Snape was growing more heavily involved in the Dark Arts and with people who were basically proto-Death Eaters (Rosier, Mulciber, etc.) These are people who are devoted to spewing what is the Wizarding world’s equivalent of racist rhetoric - the people who advocate murder and genocide of Lily and people like her. She dumped him as a friend because he called her Mudblood, but it wasn’t simply because of that - it’s clearly the last straw in a long line of issues Lily has been having with Snape (between Snape condoning what Mulciber did to Mary MacDonald - harmful Dark Magic that Snape dismisses as a prank; Snape calling other Muggle-borns “Mudblood” and using the same rhetoric as his friends; Snape using Dark Magic himself, which Lily abhors.)

Lily’s “I can’t pretend any more” shows that this, and things like this, have been an ongoing issue

I’ve made excuses for you for years. None of my friends can understand why I even talk to you. You and your precious little Death Eater friends – you see, you don’t even deny it! You don’t even deny that’s what you’re all aiming to be! You can’t wait to join You-Know-Who, can you?

Emphasis there on yearsLily has spent years trying to ignore what she knows about Snape, trying to overlook the things he’s said and done, and this - calling her a slur to her face - is a moment of awakening. It’s the point where Lily simply can’t ignore that Snape has become a person who’s no longer her friend - “You’ve chosen your way; I’ve chosen mine.” That James Potter, who she hates, was willing to defend her while Snape called her a slur and said he didn’t need help from someone like her: it’s not a one-off incident, it’s simply the breaking point. 

At that point, apologizing for using the slur isn’t enough, especially when it’s clear that Snape isn’t cognizant of everything else he’s done, or particularly repentant of the other actions he’s done - and his apology isn’t an effort or a promise to change. (Also, Lily doesn’t owe him forgiveness; implying that Lily owes him forgiveness is treading very close to that whole “Lily friendzoned him! Lily was obligated to forgive him! Lily was obligated to fall in love with him!” argument, which is in and of itself complete and utter tripe.) 

*whether and how much James improved will hopefully be expanded upon by Pottermore - on one hand, we know that the bullying continued; OTOH, per Sirius, Lily was explicitly not aware of this - cf. the “he didn’t exactly take Snape along with them on dates and hex him,” comments, among others.) And the “Elvendork! It’s unisex!” story shows someone who’s still immature, and James didn’t have a lot of time in which to mature and grow before his death. But then we also have the James who was loyal to his friends, willing to join the Order and fight and who stood up to Voldemort personally three times; who willingly laid down his life for his wife and infant, wandless, in the hopes of buying them a few moments to escape; who, per JKR and per the text, became a better person. But this isn’t about James and Lily, because at the point where Lily ends the friendship between her and Snape, she clearly still loathes James - she’s calling him an “arrogant bullying little toerag”  at the same time she’s ending the friendship with Snape. This isn’t about Lily choosing James over Snape - it’s about Lily choosing to walk away from Snape. James wasn’t in the picture. 

And Lily had every right to end that friendship. Lily didn’t choose “a bully over a guy who just wanted a friend” - she chose someone who actually respected her over someone who called her the equivalent of a racial slur and who joined an organization devoted to the murder of people like her. Look at their later actions: James loved Lily and gave his life trying to give her a chance to escape. Snape, despite professing love for Lily, would have been willing to let Lily’s child die if it meant that she could be saved. Is that considerate of Lily’s feelings or Lily herself? No - that’s treating Lily like an object - it’s obsession, not love.

(And, actually, at this point in fifth year, Lily doesn’t choose either of them - she chooses to walk away from an unhealthy friendship with Snape, and she chooses to ignore James until she sees that he’s changed. So there’s that. And…to suggest that Lily had to pick Snape or that she should have chosen him…no. Snape didn’t respect her. Snape became a full-fledged Death Eater who believed in the cause after graduation. Snape didn’t care about what Lily wanted - he cared about wanting Lily. (“You do not care, then, about the deaths of her husband and child? They can die, as long as you have what you want?” The answer to that is an obvious, emphatic yes - Snape would have been totally fine with letting Harry die had he been able to secure Lily’s safety. Dumbledore’s “You disgust me” is there for a reason.) 

Also, the entire term “friendzone” is complete and utter bullshit, implying that Lily owed Snape romantic love and sex because he befriended her, but that could be another post entirely. (Nobody owes anyone else romantic love/sex because of friendship, people are not some magic vending machine you put friendship coins into until sex comes out, and Lily’s friendship is not some crappy second-place prize. Lily is not a prize. People are not prizes. That is all.)  


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last year a polar bear in the san francisco zoo got 10 tons of snow for his birthday and look how fucking happy he was (not my photo of course)



middle earth infinity scarf here
one ring script infinity scarf here

  • aka buy me this and i’ll give you my soul 


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"Girls are trained to say, ‘I wrote this, but it’s probably really stupid.’ Well, no, you wouldn’t write a novel if you thought it was really stupid. Men are much more comfortable going, ‘I wrote this book because I have a unique perspective that the world needs to hear.’ Girls are taught from the age of seven that if you get a compliment, you don’t go, ‘Thank you’, you go, ‘No, you’re insane.’"

Lena Dunham, in an interview with The Guardian (via florida-sounds)

So, when I first started counseling in high school, one thing I was told to do was say “Okay” whenever someone paid me a compliment. It was a good middle ground between tearing myself apart and accepting the compliment, which was too difficult for me to do. I still do it sometimes, and I even say “Okay,” sometimes when my husband says he loves me. 

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james and lily are dating and lily doesn’t understand why james is always acting so pissed when hogsmeade’s black stray dog comes up to them demanding to be cuddled and played with

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we went to the science museum in London yesterday and there’s a floor titled “who am I?” and they had a really cool section on sex and gender and BMO from adventure time was in one of the displays which I thought was p cool

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► three-hour studying playlist: a blend of over 50 songs, featuring soft folk, indie & alternative. 


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I think this has been the most adorable Olympics


Norway’s Hockey team showing good team work


Hockey Players being wheeled from the arena


Troubles at the freestyle course 



Staale Sandbech and Sage Kotsenburg celebrating their medals


Dufour-Lapointe Sisters on the podium


Japan’s Women’s Hockey team


Lara Gut hip bumping Tina Maze


Gus Kenworthy with the strays he is trying to adopt



Finnish Snowboarding coach knitting 


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it doesn’t matter how many “pretend to be dating” fics i read, i’m always fucking in it headfirst every time and i fall for that shit every time. i know the pattern i know the plot twists i know what’s gonna happen but every single fucking time i’m fucking on the edge of my seat wide-eyed whispering like “what’s gonna happen are they gonna fall in love” to myself like of course they are you fucking idiot this happens EVERY TIME but as soon as i see the description and it’s like “x person and x person pretend to do the dating” it’s eternal sunshine of the stupidest fucking mind over here

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My mom told me to “find a man who respects you like a sea captain respects the sea.” A man who looks at you with awe and reverence but knows you are a force of nature. I like that.

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Science side of tumblr how do I become a jellyfish

Jellyfish have no brains. You’re already pretty close.

Okay WOW

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